The Short Family

Natalie did a better job than I could have dreamed of for my dog. She took her to gun ranges, water parks, fire stations and many more places to work with Hunter. Noise desensitization was a big issue for me as I shoot guns on the weekends and like my dog with me. She goes above and beyond to find out what your needs are (as the owner) and works very hard to make those happen. My dog will now respond to my commands and she is a much happier part of the family. As soon as Hunter arrived at the house we could all see an immediate change and we owe it all to Natalie. She checks in with us to see how things are going even after Hunter’s training was completed. If you want your pet trained right, TAKE THEM TO NATALIE.


My writings are essays on becoming. Experiences as I live it. Lessons from failing, and trying again. Mostly, as I get closer to becoming the woman I want to be, I hope my experience is of value to you.