I took my one year old Belgian Malinois , Leda, to train with Natalie at Copilot Academy. I had originally gotten Leda as a puppy in hopes of doing protection training with her. As she grew older she became the most fearful dog of people and her surroundings I had ever seen, much less owned. I work from home so Leda wasn’t lacking in the attention department, loved me, but would run and hide or hunker under furniture anytime visitors came over. She was so fearful of the world that having her off leash was no problem. It looked as though I had done extensive off leash obedience with her since she always stayed by my side, but in reality she feared everything. A friend referred me to Natalie to help rehabilitate Leda. Many diligent weeks later Natalie brought Leda back fully capable of being greeted and touched by others when approached. She was much calmer and confident and no longer went in “shut down pancake to the floor mode” when introduced to new surroundings. Leda still has more rehabilitating to work through, but I am so glad my friend told me about Natalie. She has helped give my dog more confidence than I ever thought possible.


My writings are essays on becoming. Experiences as I live it. Lessons from failing, and trying again. Mostly, as I get closer to becoming the woman I want to be, I hope my experience is of value to you.