The Moore Family

I took my puppy Peaches to train with Natalie at Copilot Academy. I was impressed that Natalie took the time each week to update me with progress reports detailing what training had been conducted as well as her plan for the next week’s training schedule. After training was over Natalie brought Peaches back and spent time going over the 11 commands Peaches had learned. It was like she was a different dog! I couldn’t believe a 6 month old puppy could be so well behaved off leash outside. Natalie took time to answer all of my family’s questions and was able to clearly communicate steps for the future to help keep us active in Peaches training. Natalie even gave my young daughter training game ideas for her to interact with Peaches at home. I could not be happier with the progress Peaches made during her board and train program. Thank you for caring so much about our puppy and going above and beyond to train her!


My writings are essays on becoming. Experiences as I live it. Lessons from failing, and trying again. Mostly, as I get closer to becoming the woman I want to be, I hope my experience is of value to you.