Robin and Jax

I have paid for dog training before through another company, but was not satisfied with the results or training methods. I researched other trainers, but could never find what I was looking for until I met Natalie. Hardworking, diligent, patient, consistent and effective are just a few words to describe Natalie’s work ethic. She came to my house to train new commands to Jax my one year old German Shepherd, mobility service dog. I liked that Natalie used fun interactive games to help keep Jax engaged in learning. She communicated effectively throughout the private lessons to help educate me throughout each step of the training process. She even took him to different places I couldn’t go to help desensitize his desires to chase cats, squirrels and ducks. I love that she was able to teach him to come when called without hesitation. Total life saver! I highly recommend her for any of your training needs.


My writings are essays on becoming. Experiences as I live it. Lessons from failing, and trying again. Mostly, as I get closer to becoming the woman I want to be, I hope my experience is of value to you.