Jennifer James

Natalie is by far the best dog trainer we have ever seen. I sent my 10 month old GSD to her for reactivity issues with dogs and people/kids. I couldn't take my dog out in public and walks were a nightmare. I have been to several trainers and had consultations with several more. Natalie by far has the most EFFECTIVE METHOD of training and my dog took to it very well. Copilot's board and train program increased my dog's confidence as well as MY confidence in my dog. Natalie came highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend her to anyone else struggling with similar issues. One thing to understand is that most of the work still falls on us as the owners. Natalie is there to provide a solid framework to build upon, not just an immediate fix.


My writings are essays on becoming. Experiences as I live it. Lessons from failing, and trying again. Mostly, as I get closer to becoming the woman I want to be, I hope my experience is of value to you.