While your puppy is growing up, they are constantly learning from interactions they have with others. Be it human or other dogs, puppies can learn good and bad behaviors along the way.

Start your puppy off on the right path by enrolling him or her into one of our puppy training programs where our head trainer, Natalie, teaches you how to train your new copilot! Natalie will teach you how to take an active role in your puppy’s training so you can help form a strong obedience foundation even after the lessons have ended. Contact Natalie today to book you and your puppy’s training!


Copilot's PUPPY TRAINING Packages include:

  • How to effectively read your puppy’s body language
  • Socialization techniques
  • Home manners
  • Education on puppy health and nutrition
  • Private 30 minute consultation per dog
  • 60-90 minute one on one training sessions
  • Set of 10 basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay, heel, come, and part tricks)
  • How-to on crate training and house breaking
  • Tips on extinguishing unwanted behaviors like chewing


Copilot Academy Natalie Quinsberry